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<font style="font-size: 18px">Welcome on the '''Dolibarr foundation''' home page.</font>
The foundation to promote and develop OpenSource software Dolibarr ERP & CRM.</center>

= [[File:pagemaster.png]] The articles of foundation and contacts =
* The goal and status of foundation are available in french on page [[Statuts_de_l'association]].
* The bylaws of the foundation is available in french on page [[Règlement intérieur de l’Association Dolibarr]].
* The contacts, office and board members list are available on page [[Office and Board Members]].

= [[File:pagemaster.png]] Reports =
== [[File:orientation.png|16px]] Past actions and reports ==
The list of major actions and past events are available on page [[Handrail and Reviews]].

== [[File:orientation.png|16px]] Ongoing actions ==
The list of tasks and activities in progress on the creation of the association is available on page [[ToDoAssociationDolibarr]]

= [[File:lug.png]] Non-members area =
===To join===
* [[Why subscribing|Why subscribing]] ?
* [[Subscription_amount_Dolibarr_Foundation|Amount of subscription to join the Dolibarr foundation]]
* [[Subscribe|Join the Dolibarr foundation]] (procedure)

===To contact foundation===
* To see public discussion of the foundation, inscrib yourself on the Dolibarr foundation mailing-list (registration is open to all, including non-members):
** List:
** URL registration page:
** Link to access archives:

* The contacts of the foundation, by email (when in doubt, take your chance, emails boxes are shared):

* Postal address of foundation:

* To join or make a donation, use the page [[Subscribe]].

= [[File:lug.png]] Members area =
* Link to access the management tool of the association: (if you are a member, you can claim to have an access).
* The public index page of actions of foundation: [[Handrail and Reviews]].
* For membership renewals, visit the page [[Subscribe]].

= [[File:lug.png]] Board members area =
* Link to access Manager of foundation:
* Link to view sites' statistics:
** Wiki Available in the manager of the foundation
** Demo Available in the manager of the foundation
** Portal Available in the manager of the foundation
** French portal Statistics not available
* Link to access the administration tool of the ML-dolibarr Association:

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