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Why subscribe

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This is some reasons to decide you to subscribe to the Dolibarr foundation:
* To benefit a 20% {{TemplateReducDolistoreForMembers}} discount on non free modules on platform [](To have this discount active, you must, once your subscription to the foundation is validated, create an account on then send email to '''''' to ask us to modify your profile to have the discount applied on all prices on dolistore when you are logged with your dolistore account. You will then be able to buy modules with new prices).
* To allow to use label "Member of the Dolibarr foundation" on your web site, official documents, etc...
* To apply for the label [[Draft:Dolibarr Gold Preferred Partner]].
* Because you use Dolibarr, are happy and would like this continue...
* Because you can't contribute as a developer, translator, or tutorial writer, but you can help us giving money...
Well, Open Source software softwares are a nice system to get product of quality but need a minimum of money.
By subscribing, you help the foundation directly to realize actions to contribute to all of this.
To subscribe now, go on page [[Subscribe]].


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