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Developer FAQ

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With no write CVS access (with no savannah developer account), it is necessary to provide by mail a patch file to the developer mailing-list '''dolibarr-dev''' (See here for this This is how to generate a patch file:
''For all OS:''[[Image:Logo_windows.png|20px]] [[Image:Logo_ubuntu.png|20px]] [[Image:Logo_apple.png|20px]]
This is the ''best method'' to work to build such a patch file:
Inclusion of your patch is however not guaranted, no more than delay. But if patch is realized strictly with using this process, there is a very important probability (near 100%) that it will be at least "tested" (if patch is not done this way, chance are simply null).
''For Windows:''[[Image:Logo_windows.png|20px]]
If you work on Windows, another method (not so nice than previous) is also possible. Install the open source compare tools called Winmerge (this tool is able to build patch with format ''diff -Naur''). Then compare with WinMerge the reference file and modified file and choose in menu ''"Tools - Generate patch"''. Add an output filename like ''"mypatch.patch"'', click on box ''"Append"'' and hcoose option ''"Format Unified"''. Then click on ''"Ok"''.

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