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Wallpaper.png Create a skin

To create a new skin, go into directory 'htdocs/theme/' and copy for example all the directory 'eldy' into a new directory with the name of your skin.

In this directory, change name of file *.css* to match name of directory.

Edit file AUTHOR with your information.

Now, edit the CSS file (*.css*), and all images inside the img directory to personalize your skin.

The new skin will appear automatically in the list of available skins in page Setup - Display. This will allow you to activate it by default, or in Users and Groups - Display tab to activate it for a particular user.

Workcomputer.png Distribute your skin

Once you have created a new skin, you can build a package to distribute it by running the script build/

You will get a file .tgz that you can submit on the Dolibarr download area (Category contrib).

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