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Wallpaper.png Create a skin

To create a new skin, go into directory 'htdocs/theme/' and copy for example all the directory 'eldy' into a new directory with the name of your skin.

In this directory, change name of file *.css* to match name of directory.

Edit file AUTHOR with your information.

Now, edit the CSS file (*.css*), and all images inside the img directory to personalize your skin.

The new skin will appear automatically in the list of available skins in page Setup - Display. This will allow you to activate it by default, or in Users and Groups - Display tab to activate it for a particular user.

Wallpaper.png Test of a new theme

To test your theme on all pages without activating it, just specify it in the address bar by adding the theme parameter.


Workcomputer.png Distribute your skin

Once you have created a new skin, you can build a package to distribute it by running the script build/

You will get a file .tgz that you can submit on the Dolibarr download area (Category contrib).