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Aide de l'écran: Security Setup

Menu d'accès: Home -> Setup -> Security

Security setup change technical and functional behaviour. In this page you can setup

  • Proxy usage
  • Default right of users
  • Other


External acces

If Dolibarr need to go throu proxy to access to internet, fill the inforamtion here. Note: This point is not directly linked to setup of your internet browser, it's only used to allow to Dolibarr to access to internet for some rare resources like RSS feed or external news feed from the server.


Setup some informations about anti-virus usage or maximum upload file size


Setup behaviour about password usage and/or generation


Setup Audit trail activation. detail can be seen in System tools->Audit

Default right

Default rights are right that will be automaticly grant to all new user, they do not affect existing one. For each modules (internal or external) you have to autorize read, edit, delete right. Some module can have more right to define. To give a right, change it click on the plus (+) sign, or clik on minus (-) to remove it.

Be carrefull, this screen allow to set default rules, for all new users. To set it with more accuracy, go to USer->right screen, you can create security group and affect it to users. The heritated right will appears as "heritated" right and cannot be change.

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