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Help about screen: Setup Dictionnary

Menu path: Home -> Setup -> Dictionary Setup


This page can be used to edit lists of values used in some Dolibarr comboboxes. The lists available for editing depend on the modules activated.

This is the list you should get if all modules are activated.

  • Currencies
  • Countries
  • Regions
  • State/Cantons
  • Juridical kinds of company
  • Company types
  • Staff
  • Prospect potential level
  • Civility title
  • Contact/Address types
  • Type of agenda events
  • VAT Rates
  • Payment terms
  • Payment modes
  • Origin of proposals/orders
  • Ordering methods
  • Shipping methods
  • Types of fees
  • Delivery delay
  • Paper formats

Note: External modules can add extra specific dictionaries.

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