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Version: 11.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: January 2020
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):
Module BOM, new dashboard, default address/contacts, all-in-one tool to export its accountancy documents, POS enhancement, ...

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Detailed Changelog:

For Users:

new Modules (state)
NEW: Module BOM (Bill Of Material) is now stable 
NEW: Module MO (Manufacturing Order) is available with experimental status 

Third Parties 
NEW: can set the Address/Contact by default on third parties 

NEW: Accountancy - can add specific widget in this accountancy area 
NEW: Accountancy - add export model LDCompta V9 & higher 
NEW: Accountancy - Add permission on export, delete operations in ledger
NEW: Menu "Export accounting document" to generate a zip with all documents requested by a bookkeeper is now stable 
NEW: Export ledger table in Charlemagne format 

NEW: add ability to edit price without tax before adding a line of a predefined product 
NEW: add column VAT rate in product list 

NEW: add mass actions in shipment list 

NEW: add 'Direct Cash Payment' button in TakePOS 
NEW: display membership in TakePOS if member linked to the thirdparty 
NEW: Email template for TakePOS (to send invoice) 
NEW: default theme of TakePOS work better on smartphones 
NEW: Supports multiple payments in a TakePOS sale 
NEW: print / send email form in TakePOS 

NEW: add link to the public interface on the ticket card 
NEW: FCKeditor setup for tickets 

Dashboard / Widgets 
NEW: a nicer dashboard for open elements on home page 
NEW: add task widget and add task progress bar 
NEW: add shipment widget 
NEW: add widgets for BOMs and MOs 
NEW: add birthday widget for members 
NEW: Widgets uses fiscal year 

Module Builder 
NEW: Support of deployment of metapackages 

Website Module 
NEW: add button "Save and Stay" in website editor of pages 
NEW: can edit link to the translation page in website module 
NEW: can select website templates from available default templates with a preview 

NEW: can define alternative profiles (email and signatures) for users 

NEW: add a tab to setup "Opening hours" of company (information only) 
NEW: can set a squarred icon on your company setup 

NEW: Categories/Tags are also available on warehouses 
NEW: add categories/tags for stocks 
NEW: add pagination on list of object of a category 
NEW: add parent category id or label in import category module 
NEW: multiselect with checkbox in categories/tags search for product list 

NEW: add ODT support to supplier orders 


NEW: add constant MAIN_DISABLE_GLOBAL_WORKBOARD to disable workboard in home page 
NEW: add constant MAIN_LANGUAGES_ALLOWED to limit languages displayed 

NEW: can restrict access using DAV module to some host IPs only 

NEW: add a dictionary to edit list of Social networks 
NEW: Public holidays are now in a dictionary table (no more hard coded per country) 

NEW: Extrafields separator can be collapsed or not
NEW: Extrafields support on Leave requests.
NEW: Extrafields support on Salaries.
NEW: Extrafields support in Product supplier prices
NEW: Add extrafields for warehouses
NEW: Add extrafields in export of expense report (and holiday)

NEW: add country code in import product model 
NEW: add new rule fetchidfromcodeandlabel for categories import 
NEW: add parent id or ref column in warehouse import 

NEW: add GET and POST /supplierinvoices/payments REST API endpoints 
NEW: can restrict API usage to some IP only 

others / not yet sorted

NEW: add attendee to ical export + cleanup 
NEW: add bank data of users into the expense report exports 
NEW: add clone customers prices in clone product or service 
NEW: add column of module source and POS terminal in the invoice list 
NEW: add column last modification date into the table of targets for emailing 
NEW: add feature to search a string into website containers 
NEW: show progress bar for declared progression of tasks 
NEW: Add last change date in page "Other setup". Can sort page on name/date. 
NEW: Add link to export targets of an emailings into a CSV file.
NEW: Add location into event tooltip. Use full day for fullday events
NEW: add minimum stock filter in load warehouse for product form 
NEW: add name_alias in fields used for quick search 
NEW: add office phone for salespresentatives
NEW: add office phone & job on user tooltips
NEW: add search into template
NEW: add statistics on product into contracts
NEW: add status of warehouse in the tooltip of a warehouse
NEW: add supplier's product list
NEW: add units fields in buying price tab of product card
NEW: Add units in select products lines
NEW: Add upload document on account statement
NEW: Amount invoiced column in proposal list
NEW: Ask the new label and new dates in confirm popup when cloning tax
NEW: auto set closing date and user on invoice
NEW: Avoid wrap between picto and text on getNomUrl
NEW: Balance Stripe connect account for supplier
NEW: Bank Add an option for colorize background color of debit or credit movement
NEW: Beautify the select box of warehouses
NEW: Can change supplier when cloning a Purchase Order.
NEW: can choose lines to keep while creating order from origin
NEW: Can crop/resize image attached on a bank record
NEW: Can edit date or RUM mandate.
NEW: Can edit the price of predefined product during adding in documents
NEW: Can enter price tax incl on vendor proposal and purchase orders
NEW: Can filter on description on bank account transaction lists.
NEW: Can filter on label on invoice in accounting vendor binding pages
NEW: Can load multilang translation in same step than fetch_lines
NEW: can specify hour start end for selectDate and step for minutes
NEW: Check if a resource is in use in an event
NEW: Compute column value from others columns in import module
NEW: Copy linked categories on product clone process.
NEW: Digitaria model for numbering accountancy thirdparty
NEW: Display supplier in objectline if defined
NEW: Add default duration of subscriptions on members type
NEW: Expense request and holiday validator fields
NEW: Extend option ORDER_ADD_ORDERS_WITH_PARENT_PROD_IF_INCDEC for all virtual product stats (renamed into PRODUCT_STATS_WITH_PARENT_PROD_IF_INCDEC)
NEW: Value "None" to unbind an invoice line and its accounting account is more visible
NEW: GeoIP v2 support is natively provided -> So IPv6 is supported
NEW: List by closing date on order list and proposal list
NEW: Look and feel v11: Some setup pages are by default direclty in edit mode.
NEW: Management of retained warranty on situation invoices
NEW: Mass email action on invoice list use billing contact if exists
NEW: more living colors for charts and option for "color bind" people
NEW: Option to allow to create members from third-party
NEW: Platform compliance with Stripe Connect
NEW: Better performance by reducing the $companystatic calls on some pages.
NEW: Replace the "info" tab on contract with the more complete "agenda" tab.
NEW: Save user of last modification in donation record.
NEW: Show html combo list instead input text for extrafields typed as list.
NEW: Show POS application and the terminal used on invoice card.
NEW: Support Net Measure in product's card.php
NEW: The integrity checker now show also the expected size of files.
NEW: The order method in purchase order is now mandatory when recording an order.
NEW: update / delete stripe account for supplier
NEW: Use the gender of member for picto in member lists.
NEW: Use the squarre logo as favicon of pages
NEW: VAT list - Add date start & date end in filters
NEW: widget box for supplier orders awaiting reception
NEW: Update translations
NEW: #4301 


For Developers or integrators:

NEW: Compatible with PHP 7.4 
NEW: Code for extrafields uses the new array $extrafields->attributes 
NEW: Can set a filter on object linked in modulebuilder 
NEW: Can defined a position of numbering submodules for thirdparties 
NEW: Add option multiselect for developers on the selector of language 
NEW: Add a manifest.json.php file for web app 
NEW: Support of deployement of metapackages 
NEW: Removed deprecated code that create linked object from ->origin 
NEW: experimental zapier for dolibarr 
NEW: Can update product type with the update method 
NEW: Add anonymous telemetry
NEW: Add fk projet on stock movement
NEW: Add method getStructuredData for website
NEW: Add trigger DIRECT_DEBIT_ORDER_CREATE on widthdraw is missing
NEW: add new function "setEntity()" and better compatibility with Multicompany
NEW: Can add a button "Create" after combo of object with modulebuilder.
NEW: Provides more complete demo data
NEW: Add more complete info for triggers actioncom

UserInterface (UI) 
NEW: Look and feel v11: Introduce CSS "trforbreak" 
NEW: Module builder can generate CSS of JS file 
NEW: use a dedicated CSS for the pencil to edit a field 
NEW: multilangs in fetch_lines

NEW: add API shipment mode dictionnary 
NEW: add API to get Country by code and iso 
NEW: add API to get objects by ref, ref_ext, ... 
NEW: add a category to a contact in API 
NEW: add payments GET and POST REST API endpoints for supplierinvoices 
NEW: add POST /bankaccounts/transfer REST API endpoint 
NEW: list of measuring units API
NEW: get social networks  dictionary by API
NEW: get thirdparty's salesrepresentatives by API
NEW: get user connected informations in REST API
NEW: mode for list thirdparty API (add easy filter for supplier only)
NEW: purchase_prices API 
NEW: add multicurrency rate at currency list API 
NEW: API to post documents for "product" and Delete document 
NEW: contacts type dictionnary in api_setup.class.php

NEW: Accountancy - add hook bookkeepinglist on general ledger 
NEW: add hook on commongeneratedocument 
NEW: add hook on fileupload.class.php to enable modules to override…
NEW: add hooks on index pages 
NEW: adding 'formObjectOptions' hooks loading at card.php of adherents module
NEW: add hook "printBucktrackInfo", an external module can add info

Hidden Options 
NEW: add hidden option to set fields for the quick search on products 
NEW: add 2 hidden options to set the default sorting (sort and order) on document page 
NEW: add hidden option to update supplier buying price during receptions 
NEW: add hidden option PROPOSAL_SHOW_INVOICED_AMOUNT  (not reliable if one invoice is done on several order or several proposal) 
NEW: add hidden option SUPPLIER_ORDER_CAN_UPDATE_BUYINGPRICE_DURING_RECEIPT  for add possibility to update supplier buying price in the reception on a supplier order 
NEW: add hidden option THIRDPARTY_PROPAGATE_EXTRAFIELDS_TO_ORDER to copy extrafields from third party to order 
NEW: add hidden options to send by email even for object with draft status 

Update: jquery library to 3.4.1
Upgrade: ACE editor to v1.4.6


Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* Properties ->libelle_incoterms were renamed into ->label_incoterms
* Removed the method liste_array() of project class. It was not used by core code.
* The function show_theme() hase been renamed into showSkins()
* Rename 'module_part' parameter into 'modulepart' into document APIs, for consistency.
* The deprecated method get_OutstandingBill has been removed. You can use getOutstandingBills() instead.
* The hook "moreFamily" must return payment into var "totalpayment" and no more "paiement" (english replace french).
* Removed deprecated method actioncomm->add(), use create() instead
* If you have developed your own emailing target selector and used parent::add_to_target(...), you must now use parent::addToTargets(...)
* Removed function dol_micro_time. Use native PHP microtime instead.
* The constant INVOICE_SHOW_POS_IN_EXPORT has been renamed into INVOICE_SHOW_POS.
* If your logo is no more visible on the menu bar, you must upload a new logo into 'Home-Setup-Company/Organization' to have it visible again. 
* All properties 'libstatut', 'labelstatut', 'labelstatus' were renamed into 'labelStatus'. 
* All properties 'labelstatusshort' and 'labelstatut_short' were renamed into 'labelStatusShort'. 
* All properties 'type_libelle' were renamed into 'type_label'.
* Renamed property of thirdparty "statut_commercial" into "status_prospect_label"
* The jquery plugin/dependency multiselect has been removed. It was not used by Dolibarr core.