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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 07/07/2020
  • Location: Framatalk


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Philippe Grand
  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Maxime Kohlhaas
  • Jean Heimburger
  • Nicolas Zabouri
  • Alexandre Spangaro
  • Juanjo Menent



  • Dolistore : Search by Dolibarr versions and other tasks like a feature to explain why a module was disabled on DoliStore (6 tasks) Test can be done on
Migration was planned the 30th of june 2020.
Migration not done due to technical issues. New date to deploy this development in production is 31st of july 2020
  • Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):
  • Dolibarr Promotional Video
6 first video delivered (They are online on the youtube channel of Dolibarr) and 3 in french, 3 in spanish and 2 in german
Go for 6 more in english, 3 more in french and spanish.
Waiting for feedbacks on videos 2 and 3 for DE language, J. Heimburger will ask about it
Next videos to be done are on customer orders, contracts, customer invoices, stock, supplier orders, supplier invoices
Summary of situation:
Story board are on
  • Ask about hacking platform to test Dolibarr security and reward with a bounty
Cost proposal is 1500 € / year to subscribe to the platform yeswehack
L. Destailleur will explore other platform
  • Building a module to organize events
Specifications of module to build are available here:
  • Negotiate with Stripe about % commission
Philippe will call stripe to discuss => TODO
  • German forum may be migrated to discourse, and can be done with new Dolibarr CMS
Waiting for Jean Heimburger and german contact
Migration of forum to discourse is planned by Jean Traullé (no date) => TODO
  • Preferred partners page on the website
L. Destailleur will create basic pages for each preferred partners on the website, by copying the wiki pages. Partners will send a specific text if they want. Update will be done manually in the foundation's Dolibarr.
A list of preferred partners will be added to the website
Communication will be done later
  • To check Providers and Prefered Partners (Eleonet, Diciannove Soc Coop, PC NET)
Will be checked by passing on them for the new website page
  • Proofreading of english website -
Wait 4runners proposal and maquettes
  • MOOC
Quotation request send to
Laurent will develop and experiment a tools for use transifex to translate new course
=> Still TODO
  • Advertising on facebook and Google

We will discuss in may to re-open campaign

To be done in september
  • Idea of a Dolibarr Tour

Foundation will take 50 %, and 50% by company organisation with a limit of 800 euros HT for the foundation per event/date.

Date: Lyon 17 Juin (canceled due to covid19) - Report in october 2020
=> 01/10/2020, communication will be done shortly
Date: Nancy ??? ~ September - October 2020 Report in january 2021
Date: Valence ???
Date: Nantes, maybe with a Winter DEV CAMP - November 2020
=> Dolibarr Days instead of Dolibarr Tour ?
  • BFM advertising
Very expensive...
This is an example:

Done Task

  • VAT fundation are now paid by month according french tax departement requirement
  • New web site managed and powered by Dolibarr CMS (v12)

Todo and Running Task

  • Add a label "Dolibarr Accounting Partner" => Need to define what is it
  • Approve the moral report and approve the fiscal report and new office team :
  • How to organize community delegation for communcation
  • Devcamp
5-6-7 june 2020 in Valence (France) => Delayed
2021 in Bordeaux (France)
November 2020 in Nantes (West Coast - France)

Tasks to subcontract

  • Develop a module to organize a congress => from module "event" (replacing object event with project) ?:Specification to write
  • Develop a module to follow preferred partner: Specification to write