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  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 12/05/2020
  • Location: Framatalk


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Philippe Grand
  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Florian Henry
  • Maxime Kohlhaas
  • Jean Heimburger
  • Juanjo Menent



  • Dolistore : Search by Dolibarr versions and other tasks like a feature to explain why a module was disabled on DoliStore (6 tasks)
=> Almost Done : just one bug to solve (1 or 2 week to  wait fix)
  • Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):
  • New web site managed and powered by Dolibarr CMS (v12)
=> to manage and update translations of web site, it's here:
=> Go for transfer to this new Dolibarr CMS
  • German forum may be migrated to discourse, and can be done with new Dolibarr CMS
=> waiting for Jean Heimburger and german contact
  • Dolibarr Promotionnal Video
=> First video delivered
=> Second and third video in draft received
=> Go for translation into French, Spanish, German will come
  • MOOC
Quotation request send to
Laurent will develop and experiment a tools for use transifex to translate new course
  • Advertising on facebook and Google
We will discuss in may to re-open campaign
  • Idea of a Dolibarr Tour
Foundation will take 50 %, and 50% by company organisation with a limit of 800 euros HT for the foundation per event/date.
Date: Lyon 17 Juin
Date: Nancy ??? ~ September - October 2020
Date: Valence ???
Date: Nantes, maybe with a Winter DEV CAMP - November 2020
  • Relook websites :
Migration of to Dolibarr CMS started:
Old site is available on

Done Tasks

  • End of mailing list Savannah

Todo and Running Tasks

  • Add a label "Dolibarr Accounting Partner"
  • Approve the moral report and approve the fiscal report and new office team :
  • Devcamp
5-6-7 june 2020 in Valence (France) => Delayed
2021 in Bordeaux (France)
November 2020 in Nantes (West Coast - France)

Tasks to subcontract

  • Develop a module to organize a congress => from module "event" (replacing object event with project) ?:Specification to write
  • Develop a module to follow preferred partner: Specification to write