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Dolibarr was built to work on following components :



  • Every OS is supported.

For example: GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows, MacOS, Aix, ...

Note for Windows 7 users:

When using Windows 7 the  Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 must be already installed.  
An error message during installation will indicate if this is missing.
Make sure you choose the 32-bit version (vcredist_x86.exe).
It can be obtained here:


  • Mysql 5.0.3+ (any Mysql options/parameters supported). Do not use Mysql version 5.5.40 nor 5.5.41, this version has critical bugs with data loss.

If using option mode=STRICT returns some warnings or error, please report them to us.

  • MariaDb 5.0.3+
  • PostgresSql 8.1.4+
  • MSSql (experimental support not working yet)
  • Database size need is lower than 1Mb per 100 customers/suppliers registered into database.


  • Version 5.3.0+ (requires functions like DateTimeZone.getOffset)
  • Support for user sessions must be enabled (it is the default value for PHP)
  • Works however magick_quotes parameter is set
  • Works however register_globals parameter is set
  • Works however safe_mode parameter is set
  • PHP configuration must allow use of a max of 64Mb of memory (parameter PHP memory_limit).

Disk storage

  • Program files use less than 80Mb on disks.

However, it will need more disk space if you upload joined files or to store generated PDF or ODT documents. Storage will depend on number and size of attached files.


Any hardware configuration is enough to make Dolibarr work, even an old intel/pentium processor. If you have more than 50 users, a 1GHz CPU or more is recommended.

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