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Module Users is a mandatory module. It's the only Dolibarr module you can't disable. Its role is to manage users, groups and their permissions into Dolibarr, so to manage the 2 following objects:

  • Dolibarr users
  • Dolibarr user groups


This module is always enabled and is the only module that can't be disabled, so there is nothing to do to install it.


There is no particular setup actions for this module.

Life cycle / Business rules

An internal user is a user who is part of your company/foundation and can use the Dolibarr system.

An external user can be a customer, a supplier or other who is permitted to use the Dolibarr system.

In both cases, permissions define the access level to the system.

External user can have a different menu manager than internal user (See Home - Setup - Display)

Creating an internal user

Creating internal user is straight forward: Go to menu Home -> Users & groups -> New user.

Creating an external user

Creating external user is a bit complex:

To create an external user, you have to access card of contacts/addresses of a third party.

Third parties->Contacts/Addresses->List, select the contact, then click the button "Create user".

Note: The "Create user" button will appear if the contact/address is not a user of the Dolibarr system. On the other hand if the contact/address already is a user and has Dolibarr login permission, then "Create user" button will not appear in the contacts/addresses card.

Defining permissions

Go on tab "Permission" of the user card and click on the + or - to give or remove permission.

User card is to be reached: Home->Users & Groups->Users

Note that a user owns permission of himself and all permissions of groups the user is part of.


You can define some tags. Each user can then be linked to 0 to n tags.

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