FAQ Manage asiatic languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

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Dolibarr 3.0 and more works entirely using UTF-8, also when building PDF. This means it is natively able to manage asiatic languages. However, if you build an invoice in Chinese language (after selecting Chinese language into Dolibarr or selecting Chinese as PDF build language if multilang option is enabled), it is possible that the shown PDF is completely empty with absolutely no text visible.

This is not a problem into Dolibarr but into your PDF reader. This one, or the operating system (OS) you use, simply does not support language or font required to show this language.

To verify this, you can import the generated PDF inside Google Documents. If asiatic characters are visible, this means this is right.

To fix this, you can follow possible solution:

Logo windows.png Pour Windows

Only following Windows version are possible:

  • Windows Vista Integral
  • Windows Vista Entreprise.

Launch Windows Update then choose Chinese pack language. or

  • Windows xp pro

Install language pack for Chinese found on http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/languages-xp

Then, you must change your Windows setup to activate desired languages.

Logo ubuntu.png For Ubuntu / Linux

Activate language support:

  • Go into menu System-Administration-Language support (or undec command line console, run /usr/bin/gnome-language-selector). Choose "Add a language" and select Chinese (simplified or traditional), or Japanese, Korean... Then click on Apply changement.

To read PDF using Acrobat, you must install Acrobat but also the Arcobat addon fonts: