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Story board for Module Third Parties:

Video Title: Third Parties in Dolibarr (Customers, Suppliers, Partners)

Voice Over Visuals in the Video
Welcome to this video tutorial about the Dolibarr ERP and CRM system. In this video, we will look at how to use the Third Parties module in Dolibarr. Animate the video title with special effects. Below it, the Dolibarr logo appears along with the url www.dolibarr.org (Do NOT show the YouTube channel and Social media accounts like for exit sequence)
Activate the module Third Parties from the menu Home -> Setup -> Modules. Enable the module "Suppliers" as well. Go on menu Home - Setup - Modules, scroll to Third Party module and show you can switch on/off the module. Enable also the module "Suppliers".
Grant permission on the Third Parties module for your users. For more advanced information on how to setup permissions to users, you can watch our video "Users, Groups and Permissions" Demo the permissions being granted for the third parties module.
Creating a Third Party
The "Third Parties" module allows you to manage your customers, prospects, suppliers or partners. Some pre-filtered lists are available to list prospects, customers and vendors. Note that a third party can appear in several of these lists. Show the list views.
Let's look at how to create a "Third party". Provide a name and an alias. Note that this is usually the name of the business entity. You can add multiple people under the third party when you add "contacts" in the next step. Choose whether the third party is a prospect, customer or vendor. Provide the address, contact details and social media handles. Choose the type and legal entity type. Upload a logo if required.

A customer or vendor code can be automatically or manually assigned for each new third-party, like the accounting code if the module "Double party accounting" is used. Note that your third parties can also be easily imported using the Import module.

Demo the third party creation process.
Third Parties - Module Features
Once the third party is created, you can navigate to the "Contacts" tab to add people who are representatives of the third party or an alternative address like another delivery address or the address of an accounting department. Show the contacts tab and demo creating a contact.
You can attach files such as documents and photos under the "Linked files" menu. Demo attaching a document under linked files menu.
If the module "Notification by Email" has been enabled, then in the "Notifications" tab, you can define people who must receive email notifications for specific Dolibarr events. Demo configuring a notification.
If duplicate entries have been created for a third party, use the "Merge" button to merge the entries. Show the merge button.
The tab "Payment information" can be used to enter bank information or electronic payment ID of your customers Show the list of contacts
The "Events or Agenda" tab will give you a complete list of all past and upcoming events related to the third-party, such as creation, update, invoicing, emails sent, phone calls, planned meetings etc. Show the list of events
More tabs and buttons will be added on the Third-party view, providing more features like by the module "Commercial proposal", "Orders" and "Invoice". Additional information about these features is available in the relevant video tutorials of these modules.
The "Contacts" list view shows all the contacts. The list view is separated into list of prospects, customers, vendors and others. Show the list of contacts
Tags and Grouping
You can create tags in order to group third parties. Tags maybe anything you want for grouping your customers such as sales region, type of customer, their importance such as VIP etc. Clicking on a tag will show all the third parties associated with it. Click and show the tag hierarchy tree. Click on a tag to view all third parties associated with the tag.
To associate tags with a third party, navigate to the third party record and click on "Modify". Input the tag names in the appropriate field.

Third-parties are one of the most important data of your company. If they are well qualified, it will be easy to use them with other modules to make your commercial proposals, orders, invoices, marketing emails, or to export them into CSV or Excel sheets with the module Export.

Show adding multiple tags to a third party.
There is also a lot of other features that can be enabled from the setup. Also, like most Dolibarr modules, you can also add your own custom fields to describe your customers or vendors, define default values or mandatory fields, and you can use the import or export module to load or export your third parties.
Thank you for watching this video tutorial. Visit www.dolibarr.org to learn more. The Dolibarr logo appears at the center of the screen along with the url www.dolibarr.org. Show the YouTube channel and other social media accounts with icons at the bottom (facebook, twitter and github).