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(Draft page, no need to be translated) This page is a description of content we are looking to have a commercial video for show rooms. See also page Draft:Video Presentation (Dolibarr features) for a vidéo for user.


Between 2mn and 6mn.

Target is show rooms.


AVI Source (Screen record AVI, SVG) must be provided.


Only video. No voice. The video must show the following things:

  • Dolibarr is the OpenSource software for business and foundations.
  • It's free.
  • Setup and use is very easy.
  • Dolibarr works by module additions. Enable only feature you need.
  • A market place with module addons is available (with screenshots of dolistore.com).
  • Dolibarr can be used as a standalone program or hosted on an saas host server.

Example of storyboard:

  • 1 Static page: Logo Dolibarr ERP & CRM + Logo home dolibarr.org + Message "Dolibarr is the OpenSource software for small and medium companies"

Transition: Fade In and Out. Before starting recording:

  • Install AdBlock plugin, set wallpaper to Dolibarr wallpaper.
  • Prepare a browser on blank page (about:blank), a browser on logon page, a browser on wiki.dolibarr.org, a browser on dolistore.org page, a bowser on dolicloud.org page.
  • 2 Screen record:

+ Empty desktop with Wallpaper Dolibarr + Message "Free, no licence to pay" -> Open browser on "www.dolibarr.org" -> "Available for all platforms" -> Click on Download -> download area + Message "Featurefull and easy to use: - Customers/Suppliers management - Invoices - Agenda - Stock - Point of Sale - EMailings, etc...)", "Enable only feature you need" (swith to logon page and enable modules). + Message/screenshot "A very active community of developers and users: - Forums - Online documentation" (switch to dolibar.org, click on forum, switch to wiki.dolibarr.org) + Message/screenshot "A market place with tons of addons" (switch to dolistore.org) + Message/screenshot "Exist also as Cloud services" (switch to dolicloud.com) Transition: Fade

  • 7 Static page: Logo Dolibarr ERP & CRM + Logo home dolibarr.org + Message "the OpenSource software for small and medium companies"

Contact for Video collaboration: