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Libraries embedded inside source code

All libraries embedded into Dolibarr distribution are located inside directory htdocs/includes:

  • AdoDb-Date
  • Ckeditor
  • FPDI
  • Geoip
  • jQuery
    • UI
    • UI Multiselect
    • blockUI
    • Colorpicker
    • DataTables
    • FileUpload
    • Flot
    • JCrop
    • jeditable
    • jNotify
    • jPicker
    • jqueryFileTree
    • jquerytreeview
    • Layout
    • Mobile
    • TableDnD
    • Timepicker
    • Tiptip
  • JSGantt
  • Nusoap
  • ODTPhp
  • PHPExcel
  • PrintIPP

All those external embedded libraries must respect the following rules:

  • They must be compatible with Dolibarr license. The file COPYRIGHT inside Dolibarr root directory list all embedded libraries and their license.
  • If a change is made inside original external library code, this change must be notified inside file devs/dolibarr_changes.txt. In most cases, you should not have to edit external libraries and should use them as they are provided. This is to make upgrade of libraries possible with no need to report code changes after an upgrade.

Apache Modules


PHP Extensions

Database drivers (only one required, depending on your database):

  • MySQL : mysqli
  • PostgreSQL: pgsql
  • MSSQL: mssql (not tested)
  • SqLite: pdo_sqlite (not working yet)

Image manipulation:

  • imagick (option)
  • gd


  • mcrypt (option)
  • openssl (option)
  • mbstring (if database is not UTF-8)

For module Webservices:

  • soap (option)


  • curl
  • for date manipulations:
    • calendar
  • for PHPExcel:
    • zip (handling of .xlsx, .ods and .gnumeric files)
    • xml
    • gd2 (optional, but required for exact column width autocalculation)
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