Call For Tenders for a MOOC for Dolibarr software

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Call for tenders for a M.O.O.C (Massive Open Online Courses) for Dolibarr ERP CRM software

The Dolibarr foundation ( is looking for a Quotation to build an Online Course for Dolibarr ERP CRM software.

Specifications of expected project

The M.O.O.C / L.M.S system

  • The courses must be developed on an existing Open Source LMS (Learning Management System) that can be installed on Ubuntu OS. A quick install guide must be provided (Note: There is no need to provide a steps by step guide, just a quick step guide, because installation will be done by members of the Dolibarr ERP CRM foundation that are very experience system administrators and PHP software developers).
  • The course must be compatible with the SCORM format.
  • The MOOC/LMS system must be capable of providing courses for hundred of users simultaneously
  • The MOOC/LMS must provide a scoring for students.
  • The MOOC/LMS must provide a dashboard for teacher administrators (that will be the Dolibarr foundation core team)
  • We must be able to provide courses in different languages.

The courses

  • No video required, only static images (screenshots must be done using Dolibarr v9 with the demo data provided in the database dump in directory dev/initdemo, available on github of project.
  • The MOOC does not need to cover all Dolibarr ERP CRM features but must cover the most used and important one, so
    • Installation / Administration / Setup (on a dedicated server + small mention to install on saas ready-to-use Cloud solutions)
    • Module of Third-parties (customers and vendors) and Addresses
    • Products and Services catalog
    • Lead / Opportunity management with project module
    • Proposal, Order and Billing
    • Stock management
    • Human Resources (leave requests and expense report)
    • Advanced Accounting
    • Agenda / Events
    • Other (to define, to suggest)
  • All the content of courses must be provided under licence CC-BY-SA
  • The courses must be developed in English OR French (only 1 language, you have to choose and give your choice in your answer) but it must be easy to translate text content of a course into another language.
  • Tutorial must be oriented to reduce the amount of work to update it when a new version of Dolibarr software is released (only few screenshots)

The goal of this project is not to provide and host a MOOC (this will be done by the foundation, only a quick install guide is expected) but to develop the courses/lessons with tutorial, examples, etc... The MOOC will be then hosted on the platform suggested (see previously) and maintained by the Dolibarr foundation.


The quotation must include:

  • The name of the suggested MOOC system the solution will be developed on.
  • A suggestion of list of courses modules and duration, so the course must be split in several parts (can match or not the Dolibarr modules).
  • Describe what will be the deliveries (a zip to load on a MOOC platform, or database dump or something else).
  • The delay or schedule of deliveries (If you can split the work in different deliveries, it is better)
  • The price detailed for each delivery(ies)

How to apply

Send your quotation or questions by email to :

Quotations (prices must be in euros) must be send before the 31th of december.